My App:

After School Schedule Planner

When you get home from school... have a lot of homework to do.

+ piano practice

+ extracurricular activities

+ exercise

+ many others

So Muck Work!!!!!!!!!!!

The ASSP will help you.

First, enter all your homework and activites and estimate how long each task takes.

Second, put them in order by piorty and time

The app will gradually learn your pattern, so you won't have to keep on entering the same thing.

For example, it will know that you need to to homework first and dinner is at 7:00.

The App will arrange your tasks accordingly, with breaks in between.

When you want to start a task, press "Start".

When you want to end a task, press "End".

If you need more time, press "+ 5 min.".

This app will make sure you will:

Always stay on task,

Never be late for extracurricular classes, and

always finish everything before your bedtime

A weekly report will be sent to your parent and teacher's phones

In the next three minutes, the cost is $0.03!